Bay Crest Civic Association

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Welcome to Bay Crest

Our "tag line" above says it all…Bay Crest Park is a peaceful family community on Old Tampa Bay.

A clean, quiet, convenient and enjoyable place to live, we have a diverse mix of residents, including younger and older families, retirees, military and other professionals and many who are just starting with their first home. We also have a number of residents who temporarily rent or lease a home in Bay Crest.

Our community is nestled in a compact and scenic area bounded by Tampa Bay to the southwest and Memorial Highway to the northeast. This limited accessibility provides privacy, a high quality of life and relative freedom from crime. Though not a gated community, traffic flow is generally limited to those who live Bay Crest.

Other positive factors include easy access to major and interstate highways, Tampa International Airport, local attractions and sports and cultural activities. These and other amenities are discussed on the Our Neighborhood page.

While we enjoy an exceptional neighborhood, location and benefits, we are always vigilant to do those things that assure that our quality of life continues. The Bay Crest Park Civic Association is an all-volunteer organization that is dedicated to the betterment of our community. Through the generous support of residents and small annual donations, the Association sponsors numerous events throughout the year. Activities and events are listed on the Our Association page. Residents who have volunteered to serve as an officer or board member are shown on the Officers and Board page.

Another group that complements the work of the Association is the Bay Crest Park Special Dependent Taxing District ("The Tax District"). These volunteer Trustees are empowered to collect and disburse special tax monies collected from real estate taxes, for the common benefit of residents. Operations of the Tax District are regulated by law. Click here for a list of current Trustees.

In summary, we are proud of our neighborhood, its residents, and all those who volunteer their time, effort and funds to maintain the Bay Crest Park community.

Check our calendar, attend our meetings and events, and please support our Civic Association as we continue keeping Bay Crest clean, safe, quiet and enjoyable!