Bay Crest Civic Association

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Phones, Links and Information

Important Telephone Numbers
(See the Newsletter for a complete List)

Animal Cruelty Hotline (813) 744-5550
Animal Services (813) 744-5660
Child Abuse (Emergency) (813) 224-9911
Child Neglect (800) 962-2873
Citizen Action Center (813) 272-5900
Code & Housing Enforcement (813) 274-6600
Consumer Protection Agency (813) 903-3430
County Commissioners:
Sandy Murman (District 1) (813) 272-5470
Ken Hagan (Countywide) (813) 272-5725
Al Higgenbotham (Countywide) (813) 272-5735
Pat Kemp (Countywide) (813) 272-5730
Crisis Center 211
Elder Help Line (813) 273-3779
Hospitals (Nearest):
St. Joseph's Hospital (813) 870-4000
Tampa Community Hospital (813) 888-7060
Poison Control Center (800) 222-1222
Public Works Department (County (813) 635-5400
Roadway Maintenance (County WSU) (813) 554-5006
Sewer Department (County) (813) 272-6680
> (Emergency) (813) 744-5600
Sexual Predators (FDLE) (888) 226-1140
Sheriff (Main Office Dispatcher) (813) 247-8200
>District III Office (813) 247-0330
>Environmental Abuse (813) 247-8605
>Marine Patrol Unit (813) 276-2608
State Senator Dana D. Young (813) 835-2270
State Rep. Jackie Toledo (850) 717-5060
Tampa Electric Company (813) 223-0800 or (813) 228-1111
>Emergency Reporting (877) 588-1010
>Malfunctioning Street Lights (813) 223-0800
Traffic Sign Repair (County) (813) 635-5400
Trash Pickup (Republic Waste Service) (813) 265-0292
US Rep. Kathy Castor (813) 871-2817
Water Department (City - Emergency) (813) 274-7400
Water Resource Services (County) (813) 272-6680


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Boat Ramp User Permits/Decals
Application Form for Boat Ramp Permit
Code Enforcement Investigator (D. Denemark)
Dana Shores Civic Association
Florida State Government
Hillsborough County Government (A-Z Index)
Property Appraiser's Office
Sheriff's Department
Special Dependent Tax District
Sweetwater Creek POA
Tampa City Government
Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library
Town 'N Country Park Civic Association
Twelve Oaks Civic Association
Weather Radar



Republic Waste Services and Hillsborough County Ordnances provide the following guidance for trash and garbage pickup and disposal, recyclable materials, and yard waste. Adhering to these guidelines will keep Bay Crest Park looking its best. Recyclable materials are picked up on Saturday, yard waste on Wednesday. Normal household trash and garbage are picked up both days.

  1. To ensure pickup, garbage/recycling/yard waste must be at curbside by 6:00 AM on collection days, but not before 6:00 PM. the day before scheduled pickup. Trash put out before the day of pickup detracts from the neat appearance of the community.
  2. Contents of each container should not exceed 50 pounds. Garbage containers must be 10-35 gallons with handles and a tight-fitting lid. Overweight or oversize items may not be picked up.
  3. Trash containers must be placed within 10 feet of the curb. Yard waste must be bundled, neatly stacked, or placed in a yard waste container not to exceed 35 gallons or 50 pounds. Neither trash cans nor yard waste should be placed in the street.
  4. Limbs, branches, and palm fronds cannot be more than 4 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. They must be placed at the front of the house at the normal pickup point. After pickup, residents should clean up any remaining residue from the street.
  5. Garbage and yard waste are disposed of and processed separately. Combined garbage and yard waste will not be picked up.
  6. Recyclables must be placed in the blue and green containers provided by your collector. Cardboard boxes put out for recycling should be broken down to conserve space and placed in the recycling container.
  7. Unreasonable amounts of trash and yard waste will not be picked up. The limit is two cubic yards per week..
  8. On non-collection days, trash containers must be placed out of sight on the property so they are not visible from the street.
  9. Hazardous materials (paint, chemicals, etc.) and consumer electronics (computers, televisions, printers, etc.) may be taken to the Hillsborough County Solid Waste disposal site on Sheldon Road. Call Solid Waste at (813) 272-5680 for days and hours of operation.
  10. Construction debris, non-burnable materials, and bulk items (furniture, appliances, etc.) are not allowed in your collection containers. These items require a special pickup. Call Republic Waste Services at (813) 265-0292 or a private trash hauler. Alternatively, take items to the Linebaugh Avenue county landfill site for disposal. Call Solid Waste at (813) 272-5680 for days and hours of operation. You must also bring proof of county residency.