Bay Crest Civic Association

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Our Association

The Bay Crest Park Civic Association is a volunteer organization that was founded many years ago. With the guidance of elected leaders and numerous resident volunteers, our primary goals are to preserve the peace and tranquility of our neighborhood and to protect our property values. In short, we strive for a safe, welcoming and attractive community – one that residents treasure and that visitors admire. We hope that all who live here will do their part in preserving our neighborhood.

The Civic Association is led by a group of Officers and Directors, who are elected every two years. Currently, there are seven Board positions and four Officers, including President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. All positions are voluntary and unpaid. Overall operations are regulated by a set of bylaws which prescribe membership requirements, Officer and Board qualifications, nominations, election procedures and other operating guidelines.

Any resident is invited to become a member of the Civic Association and participate in activities of the community. The annual dues donation is only $10 per year, plus any extra one cares to give. Some things dues are used for include:

Donations may be mailed to the Bay Crest Park Civic Association at any time:
PO Box 261116, Tampa, FL 33685-1116

Please join us at any of the quarterly general membership meetings (February, May, August, and November) as announced in the Newsletter. All are welcome at these meetings, including owners, renters and vistors. Attendance at these meetings is a good way to become acquainted with others in your community and benefit from their knowledge of the area.

We welcome comments and suggestions from any resident. You may contact us to share your comments. An Officer or Board member will respond as needed.

Again, welcome. We appreciate your interest in our community.

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