Bay Crest Civic Association

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Officers and Board of Directors

As stated in Association Bylaws, Officers shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Additionally, there shall be seven Directors. These, along with the four officers, will constitute the Executive Board. All Officers and Directors serve voluntarily, without compensation.

To be considered for an Officer or Director position, candidates must be permanent residents and homeowners in Bay Crest Park, be a current member of the Association, evidenced by annual payment of dues at least three months prior to their nomination, and have attended at least one of the last two regular meetings of the Association prior to election.

Association elections will be held in even years at the August general membership meeting. The term of all elected Officers and Directors shall be two years, commencing in the month of November. There are no term limitations.

Operations of the Officers, Board and Executive Committee are prescribed in detail by Association Bylaws.




John Housand, President (813) 220-9109
Todd Moran, Vice-President (813) 361-4499
Charlie Chadbourne, Secretary (813) 335-4713
Michael-Scott Lester, Treasurer (813) 992-5265

Board of Directors

Ken Broome (813) 408-0641
Victoria Broome (813) 786-1794
Norm Coffman (813) 440-7170
Gene Milas (813) 884-5511
Scott Purol (813) 787-7447
Paul Sullivan (813) 765-7297
Mary Volpitta (813) 417-0944

In addition to the Association, Bay Crest Park has a Special Dependent Taxing District, which is a legal entity operating according to laws of Hillsborough County. The Taxing District annually accrues non-ad valorem tax revenues from Bay Crest Park residents according to measure determined by the levying authority via the Hillsborough County Tax Collector, and is charged with using those funds for the betterment of the community. Operations must be conducted "in the sunshine" with full financial disclosure and audit by the County

Taxing District Trustees

Individuals serve voluntarily as Taxing District Trustees. Operations of the Civic Association and the Taxing District are both dedicated to the betterment of the community. For more information about Taxing District operations, meetings and projects, contact any of the Trustees listed.


Mike Jacobs, President (813) 333-8406
Jonathan Armen, Vice-President (813) 884-3724
Michelle Burnside, Treasurer (813) 926-5104
Rhonda Augustine, Secretary (813) 928-7723
Jerry Miller, Trustee (813) 881-0609
Jason Moyles, Trustee (703) 300-7324
Winston Starr, Trustee (352) 262-4560