Bay Crest Civic Association

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The Bay Crest Park Newsletter

The official newsletter of the Bay Crest Park Civic Association is published quarterly, with issues for February, May, August and November. The newsletter is mailed to all resident addresses in the community, selected county officials, local churches, other neighborhood associations, advertisers and friends of the Association. All residents receive the newsletter regardless of their membership status or whether they are homeowners or renters.

Each issue of the award-winning 24-page publication regularly includes recaps of community issues, news and photos from events such as the annual fall picnic, neighborhood block parties and events, neighborhood "Dumpster Day" cleanups, community yard sales, and President's, Secretary's and Treasurer's reports, It also includes Taxing District News, cartoons and humorous articles, and special features on property maintenance, County services and information from various residents. It also contains a list of telephone numbers for community services, county offices, and various social service agencies. In most issues, news and appeals from worthy local charities are also highlighted. These have included The Children's Home, The Spring, Metropolitan Ministries, The Salvation Army, the Judeo-Christian Health Clinic, The Kaye Prox Food Bank and others.

The newsletter also contains a calendar of upcoming community events and a list of neighborhood handymen and family members who wish to do babysitting, pet care and other tasks. Each year, the Association uses the Spring issue to promote membership and dues payment, a minimal $10 donation annually.

The newsletter is prepared entirely by volunteers. To view the current newsletter and available past issues, click here.

Advertising in the Newsletter

Printing and distribution of the newsletter is paid entirely by revenue from advertising. The Association invites any area business to place ads in any one or more quarterly issues. Ad types, sizes and prices are summarized below:

Ad Type Nominal Size Cost (Per Issue)
(D x W –Inches)
Business Card 2.0 x 3.5 $50.00
Quarter-Page 5.0 x 3.5 $85.00
Half Page 5.0 x 7.5 $140.00
Full Page 9.5 x 7.5 $180.00

Advertisers who live is Bay Crest Park receive a 10% discount. Payment for the first insertion is required before publication. Subsequent insertions will be invoiced. In general, copy should be "camera-ready," but content or graphics can be modified for a reasonable additional charge.

Ads must be received by no later than the first week of the month preceding the issue (e.g., an ad for February must be received by about January 7).

The Association cannot insert other materials such as flyers or envelopes.

For further information, call (813) 884-5511 or use the contact link to send an email.

Current and Archived Newsletters

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